Brandi & Josh Engagement Session

Well Hello There World!  It sure has been a while!  As some of you may know, I took some time between October and March off from photography.  I became a mother on September 27, 2012 to an amazing little girl.  She keeps me busy and I love every single second of it.  We spent the past 5 months hanging out getting to know each other.  Her name is Vera Rose and her 6 months home session will be in the coming weeks.  Don’t worry, I promise to post it!

So, like I said I took 5 months off and getting back into the swing of photography has been so much fun.  Being able to put out the images I see in my head brings me joy and satisfaction that I can’t get anywhere else.  So, to start it off, I headed out with Brandi and Josh.  They are getting married Jan 2013.  YAY!

Brandi and Josh were good sports.  They let me cart them around Morgan Hill and in dirt and parks and in trees.  It was a blast!  Thanks guys for laughing all the way thru and not minding when we hit and passed three-hour mark!  I hope you enjoy the images.  I am looking forward to the wedding and THANK YOU for choosing me to photograph such a special day…..



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Connors 1st Birthday!

Hard to believe that a YEAR ago I took Connors newborn pictures!  Where did the year go?!?!?  Nonetheless, Connor has grown big and strong is cute as can be!  I was lucky enough to get to spend some time watching him play and laugh at Memorial Park in Cupertino.  Mom and Dad were there too and I did get some family pictures for them as well 🙂

Thanks for calling me up again Terri!  Looking forward to his 2nd birthday already!  Probably more than you ~  Connor May Your Year be filled with much love and laughter!  Enjoy!

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Maternity Session – Half Moon Bay

I met Ayse back in November of 2010.  We did Holiday family portraits.  Shortly after, there was a new little bundle on the way.  I was lucky enough to be asked to meet up again here, 4 weeks before her due date and take a few maternity shots to document the impending arrival!  I can’t wait to venture over to take some pictures in November for the holidays and of the newest family member!

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Eric and Lee Engagement Session – Carmel, Ca

I met Eric and Lee after I did Rose and Cory’s wedding in May.  Lee is a friend of Rose’s.  After chatting back and forth via email, we decided to meet up to talk photography and weddings.  I spent some time sharing my style of photography.  They shared their hopes for pictures for their engagement session and their wedding.  A few weeks later we were planning an engagement session!

This past Saturday we decided to make our way down to Carmel.  We did the first part of our session at the mission and then drove down to Point Lobos State Reserve for part two.  I knew Eric and Lee had a great sense of humor and it was clear on Saturday.  They laughed and joked and even tolerated the stares of a French tourist and his girlfriend.  It was a great time!

As I make my way through all of the images, I pulled a few of my favorites.  Eric and Lee, thank you for trusting me and thank you for sharing with me one of your favorite places.  I hope you have a great weekend!  Most importantly, I hope you like the previews!!

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Rose and Bob Wedding

As some of you may know, I am in the process of an international adoption.  Just before I left to Russia, I had a wedding session with Rose, Bob and Family.  Rose and Bob were high school sweethearts.  After high school as we all know, we move and start new lives.  Well, after many years apart, Rose and Bob met up again and well… the rest is history.  They tied the knot in front of family and close friends on June 24, 2011. 

Rose is amazing.  She is a Catholic Author and Speaker and she has such spark and you just can’t help but want to talk with her.  It was such a pleasure to meet Rose and well, she is my first celebrity shoot 🙂  Thanks Rose for sharing your special day with me.  I wish you and Bob MUCH happiness!  God Bless!

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Booklyn and Kennedi… 6 months

So last week my cousin in law.. is that such a thing??  If not I am totally making it a thing.  Because when your Italian cousin marries a Puerto Rican, you end up with lots and lots family!  And I LOVE IT!  I love my big wacky fun fabulous family!

Anyway, Sarah , her hubby BJ and the girls came into town for a family celebration.  Since she was here, we figured to have a little fun and photograph the girls to commemorate their 6 month birthdays.  Booklyn and Kennedi are identical twins.  I can hardly figure them out.  But Sarah Jo (thank goodness) can tell you who’s who without hesitation.  They are so sweet and precious and happy and lovable!  Sarah and BJ, I know you already know, but those two are precious little angels.  I am so grateful to God that he gave them to you 🙂

Alright, without further hesitation… some of my favorites..


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Lil’ JT … 7 years old… REALLY!?!?!

It’s another year gone by and another birthday for JT.  I can’t believe I have been witness to 5 of them already!  JT is growing up quick and before my eyes has gone from a cute little toddler to a handsome little man.  And finally, after scheduling and rescheduling because of rain or illness or other commitments, we were able to mark his 7th birthday (which BTW was in March). 

So, we got busy taking pictures after Julie finally made it to the shoot location… Oh and NOT her fault at all she was late, it was mine.. I was apparently backwards on my directions and I am not surprised because sometimes, I get confused… Thank goodness for Google Maps and the blue dot to tell me EXACTLY where I am!  Julie SORRY again about that!  To make up for it I took some fabulous photos.. LOL!  Love you Girl!

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