Castagna Family Session

In my dreams I would totally have 4 kids.  K has four beautiful daughters.  As soon as we had our appointment scheduled I was looking forward to meeting them.  The Castagna Family and I had been trying to meet up 2 weekends in a row.. the rain prevented that.  But last Saturday, the skies cleared and we met up over at the Stanford Campus to shoot a few family portraits.  It was great watching the kids interact with each other.  It was hilarious when dad told one kiddo to go ahead and seek revenge on another from an earlier hair pulling episode.  Dads always make me laugh!  I would say that K is a busy lady and has her hands full with her 4 girls.  But I imagine amongst all that busy there are a lot of laughs.

The youngest was not really up for me photographing her.  I am sure it was simply because she was tired of everyone always wanting a picture of her precious little face.. but thats okay.. because I got her cute little legs and feet and they sort of sum up her stylish personality.. (skinny jeans on a 2 year old = adorable!)

Coincidentally, Saturday was the 11 year anniversary for K and her hubby.  Congratulations on 11 years!!

About singletracey

I am a lucky woman! I am the proud mother of the most amazing 2 year old. She lights up my life and fills my heart with love each and every day. Its hard to remember what life was like before she came into mine. It sure must have been boring if I can't remember!
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