The Furry Team Members

When I am sitting at my desk editing pictures, I am always kept company by my furry team members.  They play around me, they sleep, the have even played with a flash card left on my desk thinking it was great fun to swat and play with.. only to leave me in a panic and on the floor looking under beds and in corners!  The furry team often times will be my models while I play with filters, lenses and settings.  They don’t mind and are easily paid with an extra treat.  So, with no further adieu, I introduce to you my furry friends….

This is Baron.  He is HUGE.  He also thinks he is a lap dog.  Baron is very friendly and meeting new people is one of his favorite things.  He is 13 years old and I got him as a kitten at the pound when I bought my first place and I was living alone.  He enjoys grooming the 3 other team members, telling me in the middle of the night that his food bowl is low and catching zzz’s in the warm sunlight.

Next is Belle.  I adopted Belle at the same time as Baron.  I figured the two of them would keep each other company during the days while I was at work.  They love each other dearly.  Belle isn’t big on strangers and mostly steers clear of anyone but Baron and I.  She loves to be brushed and she and I spend Sunday mornings locked in the bathroom for  some good brushing.  She is quite the shedder.  She isn’t too fond of the other two team members but she really is a sweet and loveable cat.

The third member of the team is Bessie.  She is 6 years old.  She is the true definition of a lap dog.  Bessie follows me everywhere and loves car rides.  She loves napping in the backyard in the sun, treats, and lazy days with me on the sofa watching trash reality tv.  Bessie HATES the camera .. I don’t  know why.. But the second it comes out, she runs away and hides… it’s pretty funny. 

Finally… our newest team member.  His name is Bolt.  Bolt was born in the creek bed near my sister’s house.  Bolt and his siblings were abandoned by their mommy-kitty in a BBQ in the neighbor’s yard.  Bolt and one sibling survived.  When they were found, they were in horrible shape.  Veronica “The Animal Rescuer” took them in and nursed them back to health.  Bolt is great with kids and since he survived all the odds, I thought he deserved a spoiled life with me… so, I took him home.  Bessie and Bolt are great friends and they play till they each pass out.  Welcome to the team Bolt!

About singletracey

I am a lucky woman! I am the proud mother of the most amazing 2 year old. She lights up my life and fills my heart with love each and every day. Its hard to remember what life was like before she came into mine. It sure must have been boring if I can't remember!
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  1. b says:

    They are all purrrrrfect!

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