Mason Family Session

Rain, sleet, snow, heat or a broken down car was not going to keep the Mason family from their photo session this past weekend!  The original plan was to meet on Saturday.  So, bright and early Debbie and I drive off to the city.  At about Woodside Rd, roughly 45 miles from home, the TM Fotography mobile started rattling and to my surprise… overheating (this was quite a shock as the radiator had JUST been replaced!).  Holding back tears (yes I can cry at things like that) I called Kate to let her know that I wouldn’t be able to make my appt.  Luckily my Sunday morning had cancelled and we rescheduled for the following day.

Sunday was kind to me.  I made it to the city by the Bay with no problems.  And there, at the Legion of Honor, I met the Mason family.  The next hour was a lot of fun. Cole was a sweetheart!  He listened so well and honestly, he melted my heart a few times!  Cole really knows how to make you laugh and you know what, I think he may have had some fun 🙂  Thank you Kate for your patience on Saturday! 

And just so you can see the proof at how silly Cole can be… a little memory collage to document the many funny faces of Cole!

And after all of the pictures, the walking and the being silly…. we had a hungry and tired little boy….  and who do little boys turn to when they get tired and hungry??  Mommy of course….

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I am a lucky woman! I am the proud mother of the most amazing 2 year old. She lights up my life and fills my heart with love each and every day. Its hard to remember what life was like before she came into mine. It sure must have been boring if I can't remember!
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