Layla and Nadine…Sisters

I have a sister.  Many of my clients have met her.  She helps me out on shoots.  She gives me creative shot ideas, she checks hair on clients, makes sure buttons are buttoned, acts like a clown when we need to get smiles and an extra set of hands to hold babies when necessary.  Doing this session with Layla and Nadine was fun because I got to see the interaction between sisters from the beginning.  Layla is older and excited and helpful with her sister…. I imagine they will be close as close can be and best friends when they are older… so sweet.  Nadine has the most beautiful eyes and lashes.  She reminds me of what Snow White might have looked like as a babe.  Just beautiful.  Nora, it was great to meet you, Ali, your brother and the girls.  Thank you for finding me!  BTW… the lamb was FAB!  THANK YOU!  I hope you like the proofs 🙂  ENJOY!

About singletracey

I am a lucky woman! I am the proud mother of the most amazing 2 year old. She lights up my life and fills my heart with love each and every day. Its hard to remember what life was like before she came into mine. It sure must have been boring if I can't remember!
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